Research and strategy


Aware of the importance of macroeconomic research and a proper assessment of financial and fiscal policies, CPR AM has from the start provided a Studies and Strategy desk for its fund management activities. It plays a major role in defining market scenarios that are the basis of our asset allocation. 

The Studies & Strategies team’s main task is to simultaneously research the macroeconomic environment, monetary and fiscal policies, and market flows to produce economic and financial forecasts and help develop market scenarios within an Asset Allocation Committee in which it takes part. In addition, the team handles the following missions as part of the daily support that it provides to CPR AM’s managers and salespersons:  

  • To monitor in detail the monetary and fiscal policies of the main economies, and particularly the US and euro zone countries  
  • To analyse and comment on economic events and statistics  
  • To present research findings and forecasts and to reply to the questions asked occasionally by CPR AM managers
  • To serve on our client-dedicated committees  
  • To keep up with current economic thought in the financial field, central banks, and economic research institutes, and to take part in it on a regular basis 


In the 1990s, CPR AM set up a Research and Development department to assist investment managers in developing investment processes, tools and solutions. The Research department currently handles the following tasks:

  • Allocation: model design, development, calibration and monitoring;
  • Selection: implementing and follow-up of models for selecting securities based on style and sector. Analysis of investment vehicles in terms of pricing and specific risk.  
  • Risk management: development of methodologies for measuring and steering global risk
  • Research on investment solutions