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Silver Age
CPR Invest Silver Age

CPR Invest Silver Age aims to capitalize on a promising theme, the ageing of the population, by investing in high-potential companies.

This is a subfund of the CPR Invest Luxembourg SICAV, which is a feeder of the CPR Silver Age French-governed FCP fund.
It aims to outperform the european equity markets over a minimum five-year investment horizon by investing in companies that serve seniors, whose percentage of the population is rising constantly. 

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CPR Invest - Food For Generations EN
CPR Invest Food For Generations

CPR Invest Food For Generations - From farms to forks, sustainably

Growth engines throughout the food value chain. A contemporary theme driven by long-term trends. A sustainable approach to meet the global food challenge.

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Visuel fonds
CPR Invest - Global Lifestyles

CPR Invest Global Lifestyles - Surfing on long term consumption trends

Consumption theme is led by three main societal evolutions. Dynamics are global but also specific to geographical areas. Companies capitalizing on consumption trends.

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